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How to change passwords in the LAPD
Last Updated a year ago

To reset someone's password in the LAPD they first need to be assigned to the position and have a email account. If they do not have an account the LAPD will only show the option to create the account not the option to reset the password.

1. To reset the password click on their email address in the LAPD:


2. Scroll down in the action window to see below the "COSAction Email Maintenance" section:


3. When you click the "Reset Password" button an email will be sent with the password and login information to the forwarding account listed above. If a person does not have a forwarding account selected you may need to copy the password and give it to them. The password that appears in the box BEFORE you click on the "Reset Password" button is the password the system will reset to. The password that appears in the box AFTER is just a new auto generated password.

This is the auto generated email that goes out when you select "Reset Password":

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