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Who can see what and how to gain access to everyone in your state?
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Have you ever wanted to know who has access to what profiles and how you can view everyone in your entire state? Questions like this and many more are discussed in the article. Due to limitations in NationBuilder there are some restrictions on who can see what and how many profiles people can view. Please see below to find out the differences between State leaders, DC's, RC's, and the State Leaders Profile/Account.


- District Captain (DC): Assigned to one district
- Regional Captain (RC): Assigned to multiple districts
- State Leaders Profile (SLP): Assigned to and has access to entire state
- Petition Signers (PS): people/profiles/leads

I. How do profiles get assigned and who do they get assigned to?

A. People WITH a State House

1. If they have a state house listed, they will first be assigned to the DC in their district
2. If there is NO DC in their district they will get assigned to the RC in their district
3. If neither a DC or an RC exists in their district they will get assigned to the State Leaders Profile

B. People WITHOUT a State House

1. People with no State House will be assigned to the Cleanup Profile

II. How do I gain access to everyone in my State?

A. State Leaders Account

1. This video explains the differences between using your personal profile and the State Leaders Profile and how to use each: (Pasword: COSSD)
2. The State Leaders Profile will give you complete access to ALL profiles in your state (no matter who they are assigned to)

B. State Leaders (SD, CO-SD, SIA, LL, CD, etc)

1. You will need to log into the leaders account to view ALL the profiles for applicants and leaders in your state
2. Note that you will still have access to the LAPD with your personal accounts

C. District and Regional Captains (DC, RC)

1. You first will need to get approval from your state leaders to use the leaders account (only if applicable)
2. For example, a situation where this may be applicable is where you are assisting other DC/RC's with their districts
2. If approved your state leaders will provide the login credentials for your leaders account

III. Common FAQ's

A. What if there is more than one DC in a district?

1. This messes up the system.
2. In every district there should only be one person with the “DC” tag.
3. If there are two in a district with the “DC” tag usually one DC will have all the people and the other will have none. Sometimes the people will be split some being assigned to one some to the other.

B. What if a DC cannot see the the people in their district?

  1. Check the following:
    • Do they have the DC tag?
    • Do they have their district in the custom fields section?
    • Do they have “District Captain” permissions?
    • Do a search for the people in their district and see who they are assigned to? Sometimes this will lead you to another DC that is also assigned in their district. If you find another DC then you’ll need to pick one to be the primary DC and have the DC tag.
    • Do they have duplicate accounts that need to be merged?

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