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How do I manually add a petition signer?
Last Updated a year ago

1. Individual uploads can be done two ways:

A. Use an incognito window (Chrome) to visit and sign the petition.
- Instructions on using the incognito window are here.
- Be sure to close out the window and open a new window for every petition. (If you leave the window open it will update the information from the previous petition instead of starting a new one.)

B. Use the "Add person" feature in NB.

- Enter all the information you have on the person in the respective sections.

- When you add the person be sure to add the following tags to the tags section otherwise the petition will not be counted in our system:
  • processNBpetition
  • signed petition
  • hard copy petition

NOTE: This method will not allow you to add your personal recruiter link unless you are a state leader and are logged into the state leaders account. If you are a DC please contact your state leadership team so they can help you with this OR send the petitions in a spreadsheet to requesting that you be made the recruiter.

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