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How do I add Paper Petitions?
Last Updated a year ago

Paper petitions can be manually updated or uploaded in batch as follows:

1. Batch updates can be done with CSV spreadsheets. (See attachment for required format). Be sure the add the email address of the recruiter if someone deserves credit for the petition signatures. Any signatures that do no phone or email address will not be uploaded. (These must be done manually in NB with option "b" below.) Email the spreadsheet to

2. Individual uploads can be done two ways:

A. Use an incognito window (Chrome) to visit and sign the petition.
- Instructions on using the incognito window are here.
- Be sure to close out the window and open a new window for every petition. (If you leave the window open it will update the information from the previous petition instead of starting a new one.)

B. Use the "Add person" feature in NB.

- Enter all the information you have on the person in the respective sections.

- When you add the person be sure to add the following tags to the tags section otherwise the petition will not be counted in our system:
  • processNBpetition
  • signed petition
  • hard copy petition

NOTE: This method will not allow you to add your personal recruiter link unless you are a state leader and are logged into the state leaders account. If you are a DC please contact your state leadership team so they can help you with this OR send the petitions in a spreadsheet to requesting that you be made the recruiter.

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