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How do I create a broadcaster?
Last Updated 10 months ago

DCs will need state leaders to set these up for them. If you are a DC in need of a broadcaster please contact your SIA, State Director, Grassroots Coordinator, Regional Captain, or other state leader.

To create a new broadcaster:

1. Hover over "communication" in NB and select "+ Add new broadcaster"


2. For the Name* give your broadcaster a name. For the Email address be sure to use ONLY accounts. Other accounts (e.g. @gmail, @yahoo, etc.) will not work.


3. This step is the most important step: Make sure that on the settings page (which comes up after selecting "create broadcaster") that you select the correct person for "Only this person can send messages." That box must have someone's name in it. If not, anyone in our system across the entire country will be able to use the broadcaster and send under this person's name and email address. Make sure you select "save broadcaster" after you select a person:


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